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There are many castles in Scotland, so whether you are looking for history or a little whimsy, there is sure to be a place for you. Listed below are the top five castles in Scotland. For more information, read on to learn more. You’ll find out what makes a castle a great place to visit! Once you’ve seen the top five, you’ll be ready to plan your next trip!

Caerlaverock Castle

The moated triangular Caerlaverock Castle was built in the 13th century. It is located on the southern coast of Scotland, eleven kilometres south of Dumfries, and is surrounded by the Caerlaverock National Nature Reserve. If you are visiting Scotland, you should definitely check out Caerlaverock Castle. Here, you will get a glimpse into the lives of the past.

Morton Castle

Morton Castle is located by an artificial loch on the hills above Nithsdale, Dumfries and Galloway, 2.5 miles north of Thornhill. It was once part of a chain of castles along the Nith Valley, a sweeping valley that stretches from the Solway Firth to the Clyde Valley. Visitors can explore the castle and surrounding gardens during their visit to the town.

Inverness Castle

Inverness Castle is located on a sandstone cliff overlooking the ancient city of Inverness, which is part of the Highlands. It overlooks the mouth of the River Ness and the Moray Firth, and it has been at the center of Highland life for millennia. The castle has many legends and myths associated with it. The main building is not open to the public.

Drummond Castle

The formal gardens of Drummond Castle are among the finest in Europe. They date back to the 17th Century and were redesigned and terraced by Lewis Kennedy in the early nineteenth century. They are linked by a grand staircase, and fifty pieces of sculpture are displayed throughout the property. Several TV programmes and movies have filmed here, and it has even been the setting for an advert! Unfortunately, the gardens are not open to the public.

St Andrews Castle

Visitors to St Andrews, Scotland, should not miss the ruins of St. Andrews Castle. The castle was once home to bishops and archbishops of St. Andrews and was the most important place of the Scottish medieval church. While the castle is now in ruins, many pieces of the fortress date back to the 13th century. A modern Visitor Centre is also onsite, offering fascinating insight into the castle’s storied past.

Floors Castle

The historic Castle of Floors, Scotland, dates back to 1721. The exterior features roof turrets, while the interiors are beautifully decorated with art and tapestry-hung rooms. The imposing interiors include a stunning staircase and the Castle is open to the public for a tour. While touring the Castle, be sure to visit the surrounding Highlands. The nearby town of Forfar is worth a visit as well.